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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I get a VAT invoice for goods purchased?
For each item sold by us, upon request, we issue a VAT invoice. At the stage of placing order (fulfilling of Buyer’s data), choose to 'company' box and enter your ID number or, for individuals, select option (box) asking for an invoice, or add to order an appropriate comment.
Is it possible to check the contents of the package before paying the courier charges?
It is possible to open the package in the presence of a courier upon payment of the amount of collection and receipt of receipt of the package. In the case of non-compliance protocol non-compliance shall be drawn up - the basis for subsequent complaint.

Are prices listed here current and final?
Information on the websites of the shop, both on the availability of products and their prices, are updated daily. Thus, all prices shown on our website are valid and final. Of course, the wholesale purchase price can be negotiated with store employee.
I would like to pay by bank transfer for ordered goods, please give me the account number, which I need to transfer the payment.
Information about our account number are listed on the site and also sent when the merchandise is prepared for shipment. Shipment will be sent when the charge will affect our account.
We strive to make customer making purchases in our shop have the guarantee of safety - both in terms of quality of goods, as well as personal data.
We use the most modern mechanisms to protect the transmission and storage of personal data that are available at the moment.
In case of pre-payment we send parcels as soon as your charge for your order is credited to our account, in the case of payment upon receipt within 24 hours (not applicable to days off and public holidays).
We sell high quality products. We strive for high quality of product descriptions and give accurate information regarding our offer.

Conditions of Use
Tips on how to use our e-shop:
At the beginning we give a description of each "link" in our store:

HOME (Main page)
- After clicking on this "link" you will be redirected to the main store page.


- When you click this "link" you will be redirected to a page with links to subpages with the rules of our store, the implementing orders, delivery charges and payment forms available in our shop.
CONTACT - After clicking on this "link" you will be redirected to the page informing about how to contact us.
YOUR ACCOUNT - If you click this "link" you will be redirected to a page with your personal data and history of your orders, provided that you are logged in. If you are not logged in the system will redirect you to the sub-login page and after logging in to the sub-data on your account.

SEARCH - under this "link" you will be able to find products that interest you by using keywords. Remember that the system searches for products by accurately entered phrases. If you want to search result was the most full use phrases common to all variations of the word. Use also the "link" Advanced Search - this option will make your search result much more precise.

LOGIN - in this place you can log in to our shop after entering username and password if you already created account with us. If you are a new customer and want to create account - use the "link" REGISTER to create your account.
CATEGORIES (ASORTMENT) - at this point you can make the selection of products by category of your interest. The product categories are divided into sub-categories. We created it so that it was easier for you to find products that interest you.

CART (SHOPPING CART) - at this point, when clicking on this link after logging in, you can check the contents of your shopping cart, that is, type, quantity and value of products which possibly you want to buy in our store. Here also you can make changes to the contents of your cart (change the quantity of products or remove them from the cart). If the products and their quantity agree, you can click the "Place Order" to purchase the selected products. Just need to choose the way of delivery and payment and complete the ordering process, in accordance with the guidelines of the system. Please note that CART is not a "storage place" for your selected products and it will be empty after logging out. To remember the products use option "The favorite products”.

FAVORITE PRODUCTS - If you want the system to remember products you are interested in (forever, or until removing them from the system by shop crew, or until you remove them), use this option. If you check the product as "Favorite Product" you can always find it after clicking on the " FAVORITE PRODUCTS” link, which appears under the "CART" after logging in! Selected favorite products you easily move to the cart to make their purchase. This is a perfect option to plan for future purchases or remember your favorite products without re-searching them in our system!

NEW - Here you will find the new products that we added to our range max. 200 days ago!
MANUFACTURERS - this panel is used to search for products by manufacturer. If you have confidence in a manufacturer and the product you are looking for precisely this manufacturer is certainly an option that will help you choose what you want!
BESTSELLERS - here you will find products that are in quantitative terms, bestsellers in our shop!

PROMOTIONS - here you will find products at a promotional price!
- under this banner, if you enter your e-mail address and click the "Add" or “+” button, you will receive from us electronically (via e-mail) information about new products and promotions in our shop, in the form of a newsletter, and, if necessary, other important information. If you want to remove your e-mail address from our database, simply type it in the same place and click the "Delete" or “-“.

PRESS ABOUT US - click on this link to get access to all chosen newspaper articles that appeared about our store and products!
PARTNERS – this is a link to the list of companies with whom we cooperate and recommend!


Ordering products

The process of placing orders, regardless of whether you are already our customer or you are doing it for the first time, you can begin with the selection of the product (s) that you would like to buy from us. To be able better review our proposals we have prepared for you accurate descriptions and categorization of them. After selecting a product click "Add to Cart." Than you will see a page that presents the goods currently held in your shopping cart. You can now go back to view more products and add them to your shopping cart. When you have finished choosing, press the button "Place Order" located at the page of your shopping cart. To place your order you must be logged in. If you have previously not logged in do it now. If you do not have an account with us and you are a new client, the system will suggest you to establish an account (to register).

Placing an order for your convenience, is divided into 3 phases:
· Step 1 - entering address to which the consignment is to be sent. By default this is the address you specified during registration. The system makes it possible to add another delivery address, for example, if you're currently at a different address, or you want to do someone a gift!
· Stage 2 - is an indication of a person or company who will pay for the order. As before - your address will be here by default which you can change using the "Change address" option. Here you can also choose your payment method and how to deliver / receipt your order.
· Stage 3 - a summary. We present here the data collected earlier. Please check them accurately. If everything is correct it is only to do "Order Confirmation". In this precise moment your order is recorded in our system and will be implemented by the shop employees.
Note that the goods in your shopping cart remain there until you place your order. Disconnection (logout) and re-logging will remove products from your cart. If you want the system to store our products interesting you, add them to the "Favorite Products”. Any time you can easily move them to your shopping cart and complete your order.

Registration is necessary to be able to buy in our store. By registering you also gain additional features such as:
· Ability to comment and evaluate each product.
· Stable Cart - Any products added to the shopping cart remain there until you place an order, log off, or remove.
· Address Book - now we can deliver products that you order, at the address you specify! This is a good way to send someone a birthday gift.
· Order’s history - View the history of your orders.

To register in the system click on the link "Sign Up" button under the banners LOGIN. Selecting this button takes you to a form allowing you to establish a client account. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. When you're done and press "Register" system will send an e-mail given in the registration form with a confirmation of your registration. After successful activation you will be able to login. On the management site of your account, you can edit your personal data (View or change your account), create a list of addresses at which you most often order our goods (View or change entries in your address book), change the password. You also have access to order’s history, which so far you have put in our store. This option also includes the possibility of checking the current status of your order.


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